Programming Final: Post 2

Programming Final: Post 2

So this game that I have written is a football simulation game. What it does is it allows you to simulate a season of footballs one of your favorite NFL teams. One of the new things i had to learn is how to trim a list. I had learned this in the past but needed to review it. You can learn it here: link. I needed to learn this so that i could print out list of the teams and then whichever number you picked to select your team it then uses that number and that number links up to which file in the list of roster files you would like to open. Everything you need to run the program and the program itself will be in the next post. Post 3. I am extremely proud of a spot in my program that shows injury chances. It is that after a random amount of games you will have an injury. You can see it here:

    while counter<=amountOfGames:
        if counter>=injuryChances:
        print('Game', counter+1)

I am also proud of my training procedures. You can see those in post three with the source code as i do not want to cram it into here. Thank you and i will see ya next time. 🙂 Post 1 Post 3 Post 4

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