Programming Final: Post 4

Programming Final: Post 4

In this post i will show you how to run the program with some screenshots and a video.


This is the beginning of the program. The program print out the intro and then the part in the red box is telling you to type start.

In these ones it is printing out all of the teams and then you will type in the number of the team you are going to be.

this next one shows the next step. I put q and decided to be the cardinals. So it then printed out my roster. Then it started the first game and after it asked me if i would like to train.

I typed y for yes and it turns out my overall then increased and then from there you will continue the season.

Then after 16 games it will print out your final record and ask if you would like to play another game and based on what you say it will either starter or end.

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