Adversity Memoir

Adversity Memoir

Jack Tewes

Ms. Snyder


15 April 2019

Adversity Memoir

    In my life I haven’t faced a whole lot of adversity so it took me a little bit to decide on what I wanted to write about, but ultimately I decided to write about the time that I broke my arm. When I was a freshman I was in track and I ran the 1600. One days I was at the Norris Invitational, a day before my birthday and I was set to run the 1600. I lined up at the start and then took off, but while in the super alley I was tripped by a guy in front of and behind me. I fell to the ground and landed on my right arm, the inside bone breaking all the way and the outside about halfway.

I had to sit in the cold waiting for my mom to get there to take me to the

hospital. While I was waiting the trainer was tending to me and then out of nowhere he set my arm back into place and out it in a cast. When they set it it hurt almost as bad as the initial break. Eventually I went to my uncles practice where he is a surgeon and he checked the arm out. It was indeed broken and I got a full arm cast. The day that this happened was the day before my birthday and it was planned on that I was going to have a birthday dinner at Texas Roadhouse. These plans didn’t fall through but at the time I was on some pretty strong pain pills to manage the pain so I was a little out of it. I don’t fully remember that dinner but I have been told by my family that I randomly started singing Country Roads by the one and only John Denver. That song has always been one of my favorites as it is kind of soothing but also a little funny to sing. Overall it was a pretty good way to celebrate my birthday

The bad thing about this was that the arm that I broke was my right arm, and I

am right hand dominant. So I had to learn how to write with my left hand before being able to write with the cast on. It was a struggle but I made it through. Since I was turning 15 that birthday I was really looking forward to getting my learners permit and being able to drive. Unfortunately I had to put that off for awhile as I wasn’t able to drive with my hand being in the cast.

My grades dropped a little bit throughout this period as there was some

homework that I just couldn’t do. The teachers did a pretty good job of accommodating my needs as they put certain assignments on canvas so that I could do them writing with my finger which was a lot easier. And my math teacher even allowed me to type my assignments in my notes.overall the school year still went well and I was sucking up all the sympathy I could get. Even being exempt from some assignment. As well as getting gifts from certain people as they felt bad. Members of the track team even told me that when I got my cast off we would rent a van and find the people who tripped me and beat them up. This was only a joke but it made me feel better to laugh at the time.

I didn’t get my cast off until after school had ended in the summer. On my arm

was lots of dead skin and wrinkles, as the cast had been extremely itchy I had made the poor decision of sticking pencils and rulers into it to scratch which lead to there being lots of gray lines and some marks from where I had been scratching.. My arm still hurt but I slowly learned to use it again. In cold weather it still hurts and my wrist always cracks when I move it in a circle. Having a broken arm hurt a lot but I think it was a good thing as it taught me to be careful and I wouldn’t be the person I am today without that accident.

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