I Am From

I Am From

I am from the Chiefs Santa hat

From Jack Links and Kraft Cheese.

I am from the nuns walking past

White, black, dressed as penguins.

I am from the oak trees,

Strong and tall, older, and older they grow.

I’m from the angel on the Christmas tree and butt chins for free

From Larry and Myrn 

I’m from the tobacco smokers and the chicken chokers

From sock monkeys alive at night and Santa delivering gifts

I’m From agnosticism, accepting cluelessness.

I’m from Lincoln and Schuyler, towns on the plains.

Monkey bread, grandma’s stuffing

From when my uncle fell down a tree,

He laid for not one hour but two or three

The bald head of Fred

The old pictures in the dining room

They remind us that times and people change but god stays the same.


Authors Note

This piece is a poem about where I am from. Not literally where I am from but figuratively speaking about my life and the small things in it. I am proud of this piece and how I was able to paint a picture of my life in a different way.

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