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Video Editing Small Video

Video Editing Small Video

This is my first Video Editing project of 12th grade. It is a small moment video about my cats with various shots of them set to music. I originally planned on narrating this instead of doing a music video but then I came across this song and new that I had to make it a music video. The part I am proudest of is using a relatively unknown song as well as getting shots from the same level as the cats during shooting. It was hard at first to start actually filming but once I did it went really quick and I just whipped my phone out whenever the cats were around. The thing I would spend more time getting shots so I could make them shorter. Then I could include more shots. I hope you enjoy the video!

I Am From

I Am From

I am from the Chiefs Santa hat

From Jack Links and Kraft Cheese.

I am from the nuns walking past

White, black, dressed as penguins.

I am from the oak trees,

Strong and tall, older, and older they grow.

I’m from the angel on the Christmas tree and butt chins for free

From Larry and Myrn 

I’m from the tobacco smokers and the chicken chokers

From sock monkeys alive at night and Santa delivering gifts

I’m From agnosticism, accepting cluelessness.

I’m from Lincoln and Schuyler, towns on the plains.

Monkey bread, grandma’s stuffing

From when my uncle fell down a tree,

He laid for not one hour but two or three

The bald head of Fred

The old pictures in the dining room

They remind us that times and people change but god stays the same.


Authors Note

This piece is a poem about where I am from. Not literally where I am from but figuratively speaking about my life and the small things in it. I am proud of this piece and how I was able to paint a picture of my life in a different way.

My Favorite Memory from Foods Class

My Favorite Memory from Foods Class

My favorite memory from foods class was making our de Leon’s style burritos. They had eggs, bacon, green pepper, and red pepper all in a tortilla. Me Matt and Kyle had a lot of fun making this recipe and it was delicious.

Authors Note

Authors Note

For my English 2 class I was assigned to make an exhibit of adversity. And I was the curator. So I compiled some of my best works to show how I see adversity in different things and the advice we can get from these things.

10 Songs That Deal With Adversity

10 Songs That Deal With Adversity

  • “Help” by papa roach
    • Here we can see adversity in how he needs help but is struggling in getting it. But he isn’t afraid to tell people about it so hopefully he can get through it.
  • “Savior” by Rise Against
    • We can see adversity in this song in how this guy is trying to be happy and work things out with his partner but can’t. So he tries to get help to overcome his adversity.
  • “Chairman Gou” by James Supercave
    • This song paints a great picture of adversity as we see Chairman Gou trying to save his company. People in his company keep on committing suicide which is draining him and he has to fight that.
  • “Seven Nation Army” by The White Stripes
    • We can see adversity here in how a guy has to fight an army and he is ready to do so. He knows he will probably lose but is going to try and get through it anyways.
  • “Self-Esteem” by the Offspring
    • You can see adversity here in how his girlfriend keeps on cheating on him and he is trying to decide how to get through this difficult event. But what keeps on happening is he takes her back.
  • “I Miss the Misery” by Halestorm
    • In this song you can see adversity in how this person is dealing with how sad he is. But he wants to overcome this and continue to live.
  • “The Kids aren’t Alright” by the Offspring
    • You can see adversity in this song as how his life isn’t going how he wanted it to. He is facing adversity in how hard his life is but he will continue to fight.
  • “Straight Razor” by Matt Maeson
    • We see adversity in how the person in this song is in a very deep dark place and can’t seem to get out, it seems like everything is closing in on him. But he still won’t give up.
  • “Revenge” by XXXTENTACION
    • Adversity is seen here as XXX is having a rough time dealing with this but he knows he can get it. He is in in the slums now but he knows it will get better,
  • “Closure” Vanilla Gorilla
    • In this song we see a man who is facing a lot of adversity. His girlfriend has just broken up with him and he is left in shambles. He also hasn’t even gotten closure on why all this happens which is also some adversity in his lifel

Adversity Memoir

Adversity Memoir

Jack Tewes

Ms. Snyder


15 April 2019

Adversity Memoir

    In my life I haven’t faced a whole lot of adversity so it took me a little bit to decide on what I wanted to write about, but ultimately I decided to write about the time that I broke my arm. When I was a freshman I was in track and I ran the 1600. One days I was at the Norris Invitational, a day before my birthday and I was set to run the 1600. I lined up at the start and then took off, but while in the super alley I was tripped by a guy in front of and behind me. I fell to the ground and landed on my right arm, the inside bone breaking all the way and the outside about halfway.

I had to sit in the cold waiting for my mom to get there to take me to the

hospital. While I was waiting the trainer was tending to me and then out of nowhere he set my arm back into place and out it in a cast. When they set it it hurt almost as bad as the initial break. Eventually I went to my uncles practice where he is a surgeon and he checked the arm out. It was indeed broken and I got a full arm cast. The day that this happened was the day before my birthday and it was planned on that I was going to have a birthday dinner at Texas Roadhouse. These plans didn’t fall through but at the time I was on some pretty strong pain pills to manage the pain so I was a little out of it. I don’t fully remember that dinner but I have been told by my family that I randomly started singing Country Roads by the one and only John Denver. That song has always been one of my favorites as it is kind of soothing but also a little funny to sing. Overall it was a pretty good way to celebrate my birthday

The bad thing about this was that the arm that I broke was my right arm, and I

am right hand dominant. So I had to learn how to write with my left hand before being able to write with the cast on. It was a struggle but I made it through. Since I was turning 15 that birthday I was really looking forward to getting my learners permit and being able to drive. Unfortunately I had to put that off for awhile as I wasn’t able to drive with my hand being in the cast.

My grades dropped a little bit throughout this period as there was some

homework that I just couldn’t do. The teachers did a pretty good job of accommodating my needs as they put certain assignments on canvas so that I could do them writing with my finger which was a lot easier. And my math teacher even allowed me to type my assignments in my notes.overall the school year still went well and I was sucking up all the sympathy I could get. Even being exempt from some assignment. As well as getting gifts from certain people as they felt bad. Members of the track team even told me that when I got my cast off we would rent a van and find the people who tripped me and beat them up. This was only a joke but it made me feel better to laugh at the time.

I didn’t get my cast off until after school had ended in the summer. On my arm

was lots of dead skin and wrinkles, as the cast had been extremely itchy I had made the poor decision of sticking pencils and rulers into it to scratch which lead to there being lots of gray lines and some marks from where I had been scratching.. My arm still hurt but I slowly learned to use it again. In cold weather it still hurts and my wrist always cracks when I move it in a circle. Having a broken arm hurt a lot but I think it was a good thing as it taught me to be careful and I wouldn’t be the person I am today without that accident.

Youtube Videos with Adversity

Youtube Videos with Adversity


  1. “Man with no arms or legs lives life with no limits | Born Different”
    1. Barcroft TV
    2. This shows someone overcoming adversity as he was born with no arms or legs. It also inspires us as if he can do all this stuff. We can too.
  2. “Never Say Die – The Jason Day Story”
    1. Rbc
    2. This video shows us adversity as we learn about Jason Day. It tells us how he used his experiences with things with a lot of adversity for motivation.
  3. “From child drug dealer to NBA champion – The most inspiring NBA Story
    1. Mixed tape videos
    2. This video also shows adversity as we see someone with a lot of problems in his life who decides to turn it around and make his life better. It would be good for him to just have a normal life but instead he went from where he was to being an NBA champion.
  4. “James Conner : Unstoppable | His Story of triumph over cancer | NFL 360 | NFL Network”
    1. NFL
    2. This shows adversity in how he was diagnosed with a terrible disease but got back it. It also shows us how he overcame it and became a player again.
  5. “Rising Up: The Story of Wheelchair Bodybuilder Nick Scott”
    2. This shows us adversity in how he was in a wheelchair yet is still able to be an extremely muscular and strong man. This is very cool as it took him a lot of work and despite his disability he does it just as well.
Art Pieces that Show Adversity

Art Pieces that Show Adversity

Famous Art

The Scream

Edvard Munch

I can see adversity in this piece as the man looks scared. He is screaming and clearly facing something that he has to get through.

The Old Guitarist

Pablo Picasso

I chose this painting as this man looks miserable and lost. But he does still have his instrument and I think he can get through it.


Vase with 15 Sunflowers

Vincent Van Gogh

These painting may look happy at first, but when I saw it adversity came to mind. As a plant has to fight to stay alive and some of the flowers seem to be drooping.

Washington Crossing the Delaware

By Emanuel Leutze

Adversity is clearly seen in this painting as it is of a very cold day. And it was in war time when they were fighting for their lives.

Eating and Starvation

Jan Komski

In this painting we see adversity in how these people are clearly suffering. This is a painting of the holocaust which caused much adversity.

Warriors Don’t Cry Reading Journal

Warriors Don’t Cry Reading Journal

Warriors Don’t Cry Reading Journal

Day 1 (Due April 17): Ch. 1-3 (p. 1-32)

In this book we are only in the first section but Melba has already faced a lot of adversity. She was almost raped first off. She has also been discriminated against and abused with the way people talk about her. As Well as not being able to do things just because of the color of her skin, like being cuddled, or not allowed on the merry go round. She is one of the first African Americans interpreted into Central High and she faces lots of adversity.

Day 2 (Due April 19) : Ch. 4-6 (p. 33-68)

In this book we continue to see Melba face more adversity. She has begun to receive Even more death threats and is not safe to leave her house. Her family makes her stay home because of how dangerous it is and she even wants to go back to her old school. She is continuing to push through this adversity even though she is scared for her life and safety. I actually really respect her for everything she has been doing.

Day 3 (Due April 23): Ch. 7-9 (p. 69-113)

Melba continues to face adversity. She is called names and people scream at her. On top of this she is separated from her peers. This leaves her with a feeling of loneliness and like she is alone. She is still tryin to make the best of it and is counting down how many days she has left.

Day 4 (Due April 25): Ch. 10-12 (p. 114-150)

Melba’s life has took a turn, the military left and it has got worse. She had burning paper thrown at her when she was in a stall and acid was thrown at her. But I think Vince will make things better for her. I think Vince is nice a guy but it is sad that he is pulling away. And nobody came to her birthday except Vince.

Day 5 (Due April 29): Ch. 13-15 (p. 151-182)

I still feel bad for Melba. I hope that she will start to make new friends that won’t ditch her and that Vince will Be good for her. Do you think the girl deserved to be suspended and why do you think the principal let her come back.

Day 6 (Due May 1): Ch. 16-17 (p. 183-203)

This book has been a very good book but it is kind of shocking that it is true. Some really messed up stuff has been happening to her and it is very sad. She is doing very good as she is facing lots of adversity and pushing through.

Day 7 (Due May 3): 18-Epilogue (p. 204-226)

Even though the book is almost over Melba still continues to face adversity. It seems like things are getting a little bit. It was sad that her mom got fired, but then she was rehired which was good. The ending was kind of a feel good ending, where we saw an African American student become class president.