Warriors Don’t Cry Reading Journal

Warriors Don’t Cry Reading Journal

Warriors Don’t Cry Reading Journal

Day 1 (Due April 17): Ch. 1-3 (p. 1-32)

In this book we are only in the first section but Melba has already faced a lot of adversity. She was almost raped first off. She has also been discriminated against and abused with the way people talk about her. As Well as not being able to do things just because of the color of her skin, like being cuddled, or not allowed on the merry go round. She is one of the first African Americans interpreted into Central High and she faces lots of adversity.

Day 2 (Due April 19) : Ch. 4-6 (p. 33-68)

In this book we continue to see Melba face more adversity. She has begun to receive Even more death threats and is not safe to leave her house. Her family makes her stay home because of how dangerous it is and she even wants to go back to her old school. She is continuing to push through this adversity even though she is scared for her life and safety. I actually really respect her for everything she has been doing.

Day 3 (Due April 23): Ch. 7-9 (p. 69-113)

Melba continues to face adversity. She is called names and people scream at her. On top of this she is separated from her peers. This leaves her with a feeling of loneliness and like she is alone. She is still tryin to make the best of it and is counting down how many days she has left.

Day 4 (Due April 25): Ch. 10-12 (p. 114-150)

Melba’s life has took a turn, the military left and it has got worse. She had burning paper thrown at her when she was in a stall and acid was thrown at her. But I think Vince will make things better for her. I think Vince is nice a guy but it is sad that he is pulling away. And nobody came to her birthday except Vince.

Day 5 (Due April 29): Ch. 13-15 (p. 151-182)

I still feel bad for Melba. I hope that she will start to make new friends that won’t ditch her and that Vince will Be good for her. Do you think the girl deserved to be suspended and why do you think the principal let her come back.

Day 6 (Due May 1): Ch. 16-17 (p. 183-203)

This book has been a very good book but it is kind of shocking that it is true. Some really messed up stuff has been happening to her and it is very sad. She is doing very good as she is facing lots of adversity and pushing through.

Day 7 (Due May 3): 18-Epilogue (p. 204-226)

Even though the book is almost over Melba still continues to face adversity. It seems like things are getting a little bit. It was sad that her mom got fired, but then she was rehired which was good. The ending was kind of a feel good ending, where we saw an African American student become class president.

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