My This I Beleive Essay

My This I Beleive Essay

This is my 9th grade English this I beleive Essay. I hope at some point you can read it!

Faith, faith is defined as “complete trust or confidence in someone or something.” In my case my faith is in Jesus Christ. Faith is something that everyone needs. When you are a child you fully have faith in your parents to provide for you because you have not been proven wrong by them. And at some point they will break that faith. But God will never break that faith. Some days you may feel like he isn’t there. But he is, and he is our loving and caring creator so why shouldn’t you believe In him?

The answer is that you should believe in him. He died the worst death at the time for us. We were unclean, but he saved us. This is the ultimate example of love. So we should have faith in him. But not everyone does. And that is something that just shouldn’t be a reality. But it is.

I have a good friend named Kelly. Her parents are devout Catholics but she thoroughly believes that there is no God. I have talked to her about her beliefs. And I have tried to explain that she needs faith but I have no power to change her views. And that is when I realized that she has faith. Her faith is in that there is nothing after this life. And that hurts me, but it also proves my point that we need faith.

I have faith in Jesus partly because I have seen his love demonstrated in other people. Such as my parents, my pastors, or teachers. And I hope that more people would turn and have a little faith in Jesus. So if there is a “Kelly” in your life or someone who doesn’t believe I would like to encourage you to reach out to them and share God’s word with them and that Jesus died for them. And if we all reach out and share our faith with just one person that doesn’t share our beliefs. Then many more people will become Christians and have faith in Jesus and be saved.

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